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Our Dobermans are family raised. They live in our home and enjoy running around in our big backyard. They are loving, loyal and have their own personality. They are naturally protective of their family and property. They are always alert to everything around them. They are very capable of show, obedience, agility and make great working dogs with the proper professional training. Dobermans should be trained properly as they are strong willed and a powerful dog. 


They are truly my soulmates and everyday they make me smile at some of the things they do. We have done a lot of research on the Doberman breed before we brought them into our lives. As I hope anyone interested in the Doberman breed will do also. Dobermans are very energetic, obedient, loyal and a playful breed. Dobermans like structure and look forward to the routine you set for them. Daily exercise is a must. I am still learning through them. I receive as much love and devotion from my Dobermans as I give them.


In our lifetime, we've had small dogs as well as a big bone German Shepherd. One thing that is definitely true about Dobies is that they are "velcro dogs".  They never come up short of showing their affection. I enjoy spending hours with them outside in my backyard and after they run off their energy they are right by my side. They are great family dogs and love playing frizbee and catch with our son.


Our Dobermans are AKC registered. They have great genetics and are in great health. We strive to raise healthy puppies that will make the best family pet. Our family is very passionate about our Dobermans and they will forever be with our family and provide many years of companionship.



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Rhode Island


Call Allen 401-450-8865

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